16 July 2007

Bosphorus swimming race on July 15th

International Bosphorus swimming and sailing race took place on July 15th for the 19th time this year. Over 400 swimmers from all ages raced from Asia to Europe. Berkay Polat, a 14 year old swimmer, became the first in the overall.

World Kiteboard Cup in Istanbul, July 23-29

One of the Kiteboard World Cup legs will be held in Istanbul between July 23rd - 29th. The races will be organized at the Burc beach in Kilyos on the Black Sea. There will be also a special race on the Bosphorus in front of Kurucesme Arena venue on July 26th, and another special race at Dragos in the Sea of Marmara on July 27th. Fourtyfour sportsmen will join the races which are organized by Jim Beam.