27 April 2008

Formula 1 Istanbul, May 9-11

5th leg of 2008 Formula 1 race will be held at Istanbul Park race circuit in Istanbul between May 9th - 11th, 2008. Alonso, Raikonen, Massa and many other pilots will be competing for the checker flag. 110 thousand spectators are expected on stage, and about 3 billion people will be seeing it on TV around the world. Don't miss this great international motor sports event.

04 April 2008

Salvador Dali's works in Istanbul until 2009

Sabanci University - Sakip Sabanci Museum (SSM) will be hosting oil paintings of the great Spanish painter Salvador Dali in Istanbul. Besides 270 of his works, his photographs and hand writings will be exhibited as well. The exhibitions will be on display from 19th of September 2008 until 19th January of 2009.

Tulip Festival in Istanbul, April 5-13

Turkish tulips
3rd edition of the International Istanbul Tulip Festival will be held in various parks of Istanbul with millions of tulips poping up around between April 5th - 13th, 2008. Especially the Emirgan Park will be the center of the festivities.

For those who doesn't know, Tulips are originated from Turkey, not from Holland !!