20 April 2010

Istanbul is one of the "Top 29 Cities for Men To Live In"

AskMen, a famous lifestyle site for men, unveiled its annual "Top 29 Cities To Live In". Based upon a variety of international sources and insider experience from AskMen contributors from around the world, the Top 29 provides a current snapshot of the best cities for men, with New York, Melbourne and Tokyo rounding out the top three. For the first time this year, Istanbul has made the 2010’s list as #20.

The most livable cities for men, in order, are:

1. New York
2. Melbourne
3. Tokyo
4. Madrid
5. London
6. Cape Town
7. Miami
8. Buenos Aires
9. Sydney
10. San Francisco
11. Paris
12. Los Angeles
13. Hong Kong
14. Tel Aviv
15. Barcelona
16. Sao Paulo
17. Berlin
18. Lisbon
19. Beirut
21. Shanghai
22. Montreal
23. Amsterdam
24. Chicago
25. Toronto
26. Kyoto
27. Bogota
28. Rome
29. Las Vegas


08 April 2010

Ice Museum in Istanbul

First Ice Museum of Turkey will be opened in Istanbul on April 23rd, 2010. The "Magic Ice" museum is located inside the Forum Istanbul shopping mall in Bayrampasa district near the Bus Station (Otogar), next to the Turquazoo Aquarium. The museum is built by the Norwegians and is planned to be opened on the Children's Day national holiday on April 23rd. The entrance for adults will cost 20 TL (about 10 euros) and 15 Lira for children.

The indoor museum will stay open all year round and the temperature inside will be constantly around minus 5 degrees Celcius (about 23 Fahrenheit) so at the entrance you'll be given special coats.